About us

At Upgraded Events, we're a group of dedicated professionals who want to make learning better for orthodontists. With more than 20 years of combined experience in organizing events, we work hard to create useful and fun programs for you.

Our team includes people with different backgrounds, like experienced dentists and experts in the orthodontic field. We have an excellent understanding of the industry and are committed to building a community that's always learning and growing together.

At Upgraded Events, our goal is to make events that really help. We want to create a friendly network for orthodontists to connect, share ideas, and keep up with all the latest advancements in the field.

We're excited to go on this learning journey with you! Our aim is to organize events that motivate and support orthodontists to achieve more in their work. 

Thank you for choosing Upgraded Events for your professional growth!

Best Support

We are dedicated to providing the best customer experience throughout your entire learning experience.

Innovative Learning

We prioritize innovative teaching and advanced educational tools to enrich the learning journey for all participants.

Networking Excellence

We focus on creating a welcoming environment that encourages valuable connections among orthodontic professionals.